iovox Phone Call Productivity for RE Professionals

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iovox Phone Call Productivity for RE Professionals

The new mobile and desktop app from iovox is improving how real estate professionals make and manage phone calls.

For busy deal makers, the mobile phone is often the centerpiece of your technology arsenal and while phones have gotten more powerful, the basic experience of making and receiving calls hasn’t improved much at all. This is where iovox shines!

iovox’s features:

  • Notes: Capture vital information on every call – since many calls are made on-the-go, note taking is not always easy. With iovox, callers can use voice (or text) to take notes on-the-go, flag important calls for follow up and schedule reminders, to capture and remember all the important details.
  • Search: The power of search for phone calls – with iovox, callers can add custom tags and notes, before during or after the call and easily search them later.
  • History: Unlimited archive of your calls – before iovox, callers could not see an accurate call history. If you made a call three days ago, it’s likely already gone. With iovox, callers have an unlimited call history archive and they can search it all from either their mobile phone or the desktop version of the service. The basic service is free. The unlimited storage plan requires an upgrade.
  • Personal CRM: All of the benefits without the fuss – iovox integrates with leading CRM providers, but iovox also provides many benefits of the traditional CRM without the cost or the complexity that comes with using bigger systems.
  • Call Sharing: Reduce email while still keeping your team informed. With iovox, team collaboration is easy, call notes and conversation history can quickly be shared with others so everyone stays up-to-date on new developments which results in fewer post call emails.
  • Desktop Analytics: using our desktop version, you can chart and graph your client interactions with our advanced analytics tools.

Whether you’re a broker, agent, or a member of the team working behind the scenes, iovox is perfectly suited for anyone in a transactional profession. We’re confident the functionality of iovox will improve your productivity and performance. The basic services are free. Available on Android. iOS coming soon.

Give iovox a try today

Key Integrations: iovox integrates with Zoho CRM but can be used independently. Other CRM integrations coming.

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