Green Valley Branch

8475 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89123
Hours: 8-5 M-F
Phone: 702-789-7201
Fax: 702-564-7282
Licensing Information
Contact our staff
Richard Compton
Vice President / Las Vegas Profit Center Manager
Direct: 702-832-0580
Cell: 702-273-0038
Gretchin Powers
Escrow Officer / Branch Manager
Direct: 702-789-7118
Jenine Santos
Escrow Assistant to Gretchin Powers
Direct: 702-789-7196
Maribel Mora
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-789-7151
Fran Musquiz
Escrow Assistant to Maribel Mora
Direct: 702-789-7220
Sarah Brummett
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-728-5229
Suleyma Andasol
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-789-7166
Diana Holquin
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-789-7186
Jennifer Griffin
Escrow Assistant to Diana Holquin
Direct: 702-984-7015
Velma Fleming
Direct: 702-789-7201
Roxanna Robinson
Sales Manager
Direct: 702-728-5281
Chris Fulce
Sales Representive
Direct: 702-205-5110
Delvie Villa
Sales Representive
Direct: 858-405-8421
Diane Bell
Sales Representive
Direct: 702- 245-3094
Steaven Cha
Sales Representive
Direct: 702-954-2033
Rodney Detommaso
Sales Representive
Direct: 702-328-0711
Michael England
Technology Director of Marketing
Direct: 702-323-8676