Summerlin Branch

10100 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste 170
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Phone: 702-728-5295
Fax: 702-875-4823
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Contact Our Staff:
Ron Ashimine
SVP, Nevada State Manager
Direct: 702-728-5229
Cell: 818-381-6330
Danielle Acor
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-728-5225
Chelsea Lopez
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-728-5218
Brenda Moore
Escrow Officer
Direct: 702-789-7205
Tami Miramontes
Title Operations Manager
Direct: 702-728-5220
DeVonna Hunt
Escrow Assistant to Brenda Moore
Direct: 702-728-5226
Roxanna Robinson
Director of Business Consultants
Direct: 702-789-7166
Chris Fulce
Business Consultant
Direct: 702-205-5110
Delvie Villa
Business Consultant
Direct: 858-405-8421
Diane Bell
Business Consultant
Direct: 702-245-3094
Wayne Tressler
Business Consultant
Direct: 702 954-2033
Alexandra Lyons
Receptionist / Customer Service
Direct: 702-728-5295